The Generational Peep Show

Generational differences can often lead to misunderstandings and a lack of communication and respect amongst co-workers. Over time, these disputes can erode employee morale, create issues of retention and even affect the bottom line.

Mdina International have teamed up with our partners at JUGS Malta to really:

  • understand who and what these generations are
  • discuss and reflect on the challenges faced 
  • challenge companies to come up with ideas and solutions to some of these issues

Together with our team-building partners at JUGS we have developed a training and team-building program called the Generational Peep Show which purely deals with all of the issues mentioned above in a down to earth, engaging way. The program was developed based on a vast study carried out last year by Business Leaders Malta, which helps understand the differences and similarities between generations.  

Through a range of explorative activities prepared by the JUGS crew which are facilitated by Mdina trainers, delegates will be able to highlight internal company challenges from talent acquisition and retention to communication.   

Trainers push delegates to provide out-of-the-box solutions through their experiences with different generations. During the day, Trainers will also provide data on research conducted on Generations X, Y and Z and how to get the best out of these generations for more effective communication and results.  

By the end of this interactive full day, delegates will have:

  • Ideas and solutions that they have thought about
  • Access to valuable research conducted by the partner company Esprimi (Business Leaders Malta)
  • Insights on Generations XYZ which may be used for internal strategies.

1,069 people from Malta pertaining to Generations X,Y and Z took part in this research. Here are some of the findings from the study:

  • 41.9% of the people inclusive of X, Y & Z still prefer face to face communication in today's world
  • Nearly 15% of generations X, Y & Z are attracted by flexible work arrangements, although other factors come into account as our data shows
  • For retention, having interesting work scores higher than having a fun and social environment

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