Logistics Consultancy

Logistics nowadays includes operational efficiency as well as digital transformation. This means that there are updated and new ways that enable an increase in efficiency, which ultimately benefits customers. Processes in the areas of unloading, order picking and shipping in particular show significant potential to be optimised.

Our logistic consultants at Mdina International will  provide you with guidance, strategies and tools to make your supply chain or warehouse more efficient. Our solutions are cost-effective and will notably improve performance.

Our expertise

  • Action concepts and strategies for using new digital trends in logistics
  • Automation and real-time visibility of logistics processes
  • Tracking and tracing the flow of goods
  • Optimised use of existing warehouse resources
  • Motivated teams through KPI bonification
Mdina International

Mdina International specialises in tailor-made, leadership, management and sales development programmes, supported by our coaching and consultancy expertise. Our success stems from years of experience in the industry, being able to put hard measures on soft skills and being passionate about making a difference.